Driving Tips

Driving Rules & Regulations
General Traffic Violations
Under Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1988
We Should Avoid While Driving
1 Failing to furnish full particulars of the driver the registered owner of M.V
2 Permitting to drive without license
3 Driving or permitting to drive unregistered vehicle
4 Driving or permitting to drive a vehicle without certificate of fitness
5 Exceeding speed limit
6 Driving failing to produce either license or registration or fitness certificate
7 Failing to produce certificate of insurance
8 Overloading or permitting to overload a goods vehicle
9 Leaving vehicle in a manner likely to cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to others
10 Carrying persons on footboard
11 Carrying persons or anything causing obstruction to the driver.
12 Leaving vehicle with idling engine
13 Carrying a child on petrol tank or carrying more than one person on motor cycle/scooter.
14 Drive or failing to stop when signaled by police in uniform.
15 To drive without valid license.
16 Driving or permitting to drive a motor – vehicle without being insured.
17 Driving recklessly or dangerously
18 Racing & Trails of speed between motor vehicles.
19 Failing to keep to the left of the road – Driving in the center of the road – Driving on the wrong side of the road
20 Overtaking from the left
21 Overtaking dangerously OR Cutting in to the flow of traffic
22 Failing to permit overtaking OR Obstructing overtaking
23 Failing to slow down at junction intersection or corner
24 Failing to give way to traffic on the right OR Failing to give way to traffic on main road
25 Failing to drive with caution on a road under repair / Failing to slow down while a procession is going on.
26 Failing to give a signal while turning.
27 Fixing or using Multi – toned horn OR Sounding horn in silence Zone OR Sounding horn unnecessarily
28 No silencer or muffler
29 Dangerous projection
30 No windscreen wiper
31 Defective tyres.
32 Smoky Exhaust
33 Carrying goods unsecured or dangerously
34 Driving on footpath.
35 Carrying goods more than 11ft high
36 Carrying load on tail board.
37 Reversing negligently
38 Driving without illuminating rear number plate.
39 Disobeying traffic signs – signals.
40 Disobeying manual traffic control signs.
41 Driving against one way street.
42 Failing to keep left of traffic island.
43 Carrying unwieldy articles without permit.
44 Taking ‘U’ turn during prohibited hours.
45 Loud speaker used on the vehicle on the road prohibited without permission of Comm. Of Police.
46 Disobeying reasonable directions of a police officer in uniform.
47 Causing obstruction to traffic
48 Straddling or crossing longitudinal white line
49 Straddling longitudinal broken white line.
50 Failing to comply with directional sign painted on road surface.
51 Failing to stop before transverse white line
52 Parking on pedestrian crossing
53 Parking on footpath. Motor Vehicles Act, 1939.


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